Welcome to Reception

Our two classes are;

  • Newts class with our teacher Mrs Drew and our teaching assistants Mrs Fermer and Mrs Crudgington
  • Tadpoles class with our teacher Miss Hedgecock and our teaching assistants Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Underdown

Children who enter the school in the Nursery or Reception are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The EYFS curriculum has seven areas of learning. These are:
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development
• Literacy (Reading and Writing)
• Maths
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

Activities are carefully planned for that meets the needs of all of the children. These include whole class sessions, small group activities and independent activities.

Topics are initiated by the interests of the children. Activities linked to each topic cover all areas of learning. Examples of topics that we have previously covered include; Superheroes, Dinosaurs, Growing and Living, Divali and All around the World.

The progress of each child is continuously assessed; observations and work samples are kept in each child’s Learning Journey Profile. The school encourages parents and carers to complete ‘Wow moment’ cards, letting the teacher know what their child has been doing outside of school hours. These are then included in the Learning Journey Profiles. Children have regular opportunities to look at their profile and to make comments about their learning.

At St Wilfrid’s we strongly believe that learning does not just take place inside the classroom. Children in this phase are encouraged to access a stimulating outside space throughout the day. Children should have opportunities to be outside regardless of the weather.

In Reception, children follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ in addition to the Jolly Phonics scheme in order to help them match the sounds to the letters. The children have a daily phonic session teaching new sounds, letters and skills to read and write. There is a meeting for parents lead by the Reception teachers to talk with parents and provide ideas for activities for parents to complete at home with their child.

To help your child make the transition to school, we organise two sessions in the Summer Term. Adults have a cup of tea while the children explore the classroom and garden independently. This enables the children to feel more confident when they start school.

Prior to starting school, each child will have a home visit lead by the child’s teacher. This is an invaluable opportunity for parents and carers to meet their child’s teacher and teaching assistant in a familiar setting. The purpose of these visits is to find out about the child, discuss routines and answers any questions you may have. We will also find out about your child’s needs and interests.