Welcome to Year Four

Our two classes are:

  • Kingfishers class with our teachers Mrs Rodemark and Mrs Tubb and our teaching assistant Mrs Bucke
  • Otters class with our teacher Miss Thouless and our teaching assistant Mrs Harwood

In the Autumn Term..

Year 4 begins with excitement and mystery as we unravel and explore the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians. We investigate the treasures of the River Nile, the rituals and process of mummification and the incredible discovery by Howard Carter of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. We listen to and read a number of stories with historical links, leading to diary, persuasive, report and story writing. A trip to Brighton museum brings the topic alive by exploring the different galleries of Egyptian artefacts and taking part in a mummification workshop. To conclude the children enjoy taking part in an Egyptian Art Day, where our skills are developed through the designing and making of Canopic Jars and Egyptian necklaces! We also enjoy tasting some Egyptian treats! Swimming lessons at the Dolphin Leisure Centre take place during the Autumn term for Kingfisher Class and Spring term for Otters Class. In R.E. we explore ‘People of God’ focusing the story of Noah and we learn all about the Trinity. We finish the term by leading our Christmas service at St Wilfrid’s Church for children and parents to enjoy.

In the Spring Term...

We begin our new topic ‘Lost in the Jungle’ by exploring the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest. This geography-based learning journey will create opportunities for us to compare the human and physical geography of the UK with South America. We will engage in learning through discussions about current environmental issues such as: the loss of habitat and pollution of rivers. In Literacy we will explore the text ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ to inspire our own creative rainforest stories. We will also discover a range of non-fiction texts and find out about the products of the rainforest and their use in everyday life. In D.T. we will design and create our own pneumatic animals, inspired by wildlife from the Amazon Rainforest. Our Science topic this term is ‘States of Matter’ where we will learn about solids, liquids and gasses through a range of investigative work. In R.E., we will develop our understanding of Hinduism to gain a deepened respect and appreciation for different faiths.

In the Summer Term...

Leading on from our learning about the rainforest the Summer term will be spent discovering the ancient civilisation of the Mayans. This term our English focuses on stories with moral dilemmas, stimulating fascinating debates, encouraging thinking skills and team work. We use the Just So stories as a stimulus for story writing and making a pop-up book in DT. Two Science topics are explored this term: habitats and animal classification and electricity.