Welcome to Year Three

Our two classes are;

  • Hares class with our teacher Mrs Edmonds and our teaching assistant Mrs Burrill
  • Rabbits class with our teacher Mrs Mac Taggart and our teaching assistant Mrs Hall

Year 3 is the first year of the Juniors and we start to take more responsibility for looking after our own belongings, changing our reading books, remembering our PE kits and completing our homework on time. Year 3 is an important time to develop our Building Learning Power skills through PSHCEE activities and we practise team building skills in our physical education. We enjoy participating in new sports such as hockey and cross country.

We also have lots of fun! During the year, we all continue developing our skills at Forest School: using tools, cooking on the fire and learning about the plants and animals of the woods. We also learn how to play the recorder.

Here are some other highlights from the year:

In the Autumn Term our topics are called ‘We are Weather watchers’ and ‘A Step back in Time…’

We begin the term by learning about extreme weather around the world. In geography we investigate about different climate zones around the world, especially comparing England, Australia and Antarctica. We learn about forecasts and research different kinds of extreme weather. We record this by using devices from non-fiction texts which we explore in our reading and writing. In R.E. we develop our understanding of creation, including caring for the environment and each other. The second half of the term is when we begin our journey back in time. We learn about the Stone Age and even have a visitor who comes to explain how timelines work and introduce us to the Stone Age way of life. In science we research how to live and eat healthily, how our food is digested, how to care for our teeth, the difference between human and animal teeth and we discover about tooth decay through an investigation involving eggs!

In the Spring Term our topic is called ‘Revolutionary Romans’.

We find out about the Roman way of life, through the internet and a range of non-fiction books. Our learning will have a particular focus on the life of Julius Caesar and Boudicca as well as exploring the impact Romans had on life in Britain today. We will visit Bignor Roman Villa, write Roman speeches and have a fantastic Roman day when we create our own mosaics and weave on mini looms.
In science, we investigate the properties of rocks and soils. We find out about Pompeii and make our own volcanoes! Through our geography we will research and locate volcanoes around the world. We also have a special French day where we practise all our food vocabulary. A highlight of our R.E. curriculum is leading our school Easter service with drama, song, dance, prayers and reflections.

In the Summer Term our topic is called ‘Over the Rainbow.’

In science, we investigate plant growth and seed dispersal and later on we find out about light and shadows, investigating the movement of the earth around the sun. In literacy, we write our own subversive tales based on traditional stories and create new characters and plots for these well- known stories. We also design sensory gardens and use what we have learned in science about plants and light to create objects that will be decorative in a garden of this type.