Admissions - Reception Class September 2023

Thank you for your interest in St Wilfrid's

Starting school should be an exciting time for all children and at St Wilfrid's we recognise the privilege we have in supporting your child in taking their next step on their learning journey. 
Choosing a school is a very important decision and all parents and carers want to make sure they have all the information to make the right choices for their child.

Admissions information, what to do, and links to the relevant sites for submitting an application follow. If you have any questions, please call and speak to Mrs Webster or Mrs Batty in the school office who will be happy help. 

Admissions: Reception Class September 2023


Applications closed on 15th January 2023.
Please refer to reference to the late application process set out in the link below

Starting School Places - West Sussex County Council

In case of technical issues we strongly recommend you apply online and not delay your application until the last minute.  If you choose to apply on a paper form, it is your responsibility to ensure the form arrives before the national closing date.
Please note that the St Wilfrid’s Supplementary Information Form and Clergy Form must be returned to the school by the close of the school day on Friday 13th January 2023 (as the school is not open at the weekend).

Applications received after the closing date are considered late and dealt with after all those received on time. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us. Additionally, if you feel that there any exceptional or compelling reasons why your application should be given preferential consideration, please contact us well before the application deadline.  This will enable us to advise you about the appropriate application processes and any supporting evidence that might be needed.

If you need to complete a paper West Sussex application form please contact the West Sussex Pupil Admissions team: Tel: 033 301 42903 or Email:

If you require a printed form, please contact our school office who will be able to assist you.

COVID-19 Pandemic Statement

As for many church schools, regular attendance at public worship is part of our oversubscription criteria. Due to the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches and other places of worship have been closed for public worship.  Following guidance from the Diocese of Chichester in conjunction with the Department for Education we have clarified how church attendance will be considered.

This statement has therefore been added to our Admissions Policy:

In the event that during the period specified for attendance at worship the church has been closed for public worship and has not provided alternative premises for that worship, the requirements of these admissions arrangements in relation to attendance will only apply to the period when the church or alternative premises have been available for public worship.