Home learning

Home learning 

During the current arrangements, we will be continuing to support you and your child if they are absent from school. Outlined below are the steps we have put in place. We want to focus on two main areas – Communication and Learning.


Keeping in touch. During the absence, depending on how long the absence will be, we will be attempting to phone you and your children once a week. The phone call will be made by one of our team but it may not be your child's class teacher.

In addition, teachers will continue to respond, via the email addresses below, to answer questions about learning etc between 8am and 8.30am and after school. You can ask them questions at any time via email and they should respond during these times.









Depending on the nature of the absence and which staff members may be involved, we will put together learning to support your child. This learning can be found on your child's year group class page here








Microsoft Teams at St Wilfrid's

Microsoft Teams has been set up by the school for years 3 to 6, to allow teachers to provide interactive live lessons or school contact for pupils, via the video, voice, text chat functionality.

Please click on the link below for information.

Reading ideas and links

ideas for books to purchase via amazon – to support home learning  

https://www.vooks.com/        stories brought to life  

Writing ideas and links

Pobble365 – type into google and you get a picture of the day to talk about/generate discussion and questions  

- children to write about  

- advice for supporting writing  


- free support: username: march20    password: home 

Maths ideas and links

- use for maths activities  

Art ideas and links
Music Ideas and links
Songs and Bible stories
PE and Physical activity ideas and link
Joe Wicks – work outs for kids via youtube 

free work outs for children to watch and join in 


- ideas to keep active  

Change 4 Life:


Go Noodle:


Succeed in PE:


Other ideas and links
Home Learning tips
To support your child (and yourselves) during self isolation, it will be important to put in place a routine. Obviously, this will be different for you all depending on your home circumstances. One of the key ideas for managing home learning is to set up a schedule and this should be a balance of different learning and activities. Reading through different advice about home schooling, children should also be involved in chores at home and these should form part of the daily routine. We have attached a blank timetable for a week which you can use or you may want to look at the different fun ways families have created their home school timetables! If you have an idea then please let us know via the homelearning@stwilfrids-hh.school email address. Also, if you have any images of the fun activities you manage to complete then please forward those as well so we can share them with the whole community.