Outdoor Learning


St Wilfrid’s Half Term Outdoor Challenge

There are so many ways that sticks can be used in games and craft activities. When you are outside this week, why not have a look to see what kinds of sticks you might be able to find?

Send in some photos to your year group email of how you have used these to play games or perhaps to make things. We know just how imaginative and creative St Wilfrid’s pupils are! Ms Strange is hoping to make a St Wilfrid’s outdoor activity book called ‘100 things to make and do with Sticks’ to go on our new Outdoor Learning Page.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, then take a look at this from the woodland trust.


Perhaps you have noticed that some trees are starting to show little ‘buds’. If you want to try and work out what they are called, then have a look at this twig spotting ‘sheet.

We hope you have fun!