Parent Survey 2021

At St Wilfrid's we value the voice of those involved in our school - children, parents/carers, staff and governors - and we wish to hear their views so we can have an even better understanding of what we are doing well and how we can continue to improve.
Every Autumn, we seek the views of our parents and carers. The results of our 2021 survey are below.
We are grateful for the many responses and comments which help us to celebrate what we are doing well and how we can continue to do better.
Our next steps, having reflected on these results and all the comments we have received, are,
1. To ensure we provide further information about what is covered in our curriculum . As a first step, we have shared the project maps on each year group page to provide a more in depth overview of the elements of the curriculum being focussed on in the current project. 
2. To provide more regular updates about what your children are learning and how they are doing. As a first step, we have started to share a Friday update for each year group to give you greater insight about what the children have been learning that week.