Parents - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What do I need to do if my child is absent from School?

  • Illness

Parents and carers are expected to support their children’s education by placing a high value on attendance and punctuality.

If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please notify the school office (by telephone, through the ParentMail app, by note or in person) by 9.00am on the first day of absence and on any subsequent days. If any child is absent from school without such notification we follow this up immediately to assure ourselves as to the child’s safety. We are required by law to record any unauthorised absences and, therefore, if we are not in receipt of the reason for a child’s absence this will be recorded as unauthorised. Regular register checks are carried out and follow up action is taken where regular absence gives cause for concern.

It is helpful if medical appointments can be out of school time whenever possible. If, for any reason, a child needs to keep an appointment in school time, please complete the request form, which can be downloaded from the website or is available from the office, and send it into school in advance.

  • Holidays, days out

Requests for authorisation of absence from school for the purpose of holidays, day trips, visiting relatives, birthday treats etc. also need to be made on the school’s request form. However, there is no entitlement to absence for these purposes and they will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. 

2) What happens if my child is on medication?

Medicine should only be brought to school when it is essential to administer it during the school day. In the vast majority of cases, doses of medicine can be arranged around the school day thus avoiding the need for medicine in school. Antibiotics for example are usually taken three times a day, so can be given with breakfast, on getting home from school and then at bedtime.

Occasionally a GP may prescribe that a medicine has to be taken during the school day. Parents may either call into school and administer the medicine to their child or they may request that a member of school staff administers the medicine. When school staff administer medicines, the parent must supply the medicine in the original pharmacist’s container to the School Office and must complete a ‘Request for school to administer medicine’ form obtainable from the School Office. On no account should a child come to school with medicine if he/she is unwell.

3) What do I do if my child has head lice?

Please treat your child with your preferred product and inform the class teacher. The information you give us will be kept confidential.

4) What topics are taught in each year group?

The school curriculum is under constant review as part of our school improvement plan and government changes to the national curriculum.

Each year group’s current topics are outlined within the Children section on the school website. They are also described in the first pages of each term’s home school book.

5) What are the usual PE days for my child?

Each class has a timetable with fixed PE times, which are occasionally affected by weather conditions or other factors such as special PE courses for children and use of the halls for other activities. As a result children need to keep their PE kit in school at all times in case teachers reschedule a lesson that could not take place.

6) Can my child still do PE if I have their ears pierced? 

Children who have their ears pierced should remove their earrings prior to all PE sessions. If able, they should remove them themselves and bring into school a small box to keep them safe. If they are unable to do this independently; earrings should be removed before school on the day your child has PE. No member of staff within school is allowed to help children remove their earrings.

Where children are unable to remove their earrings e.g. they have only recently been done; then they should cover them with tape. This tape should be brought in from home and again, members of staff are not allowed to help children do this. 

P.E. is an integral part of our curriculum and we aim to ensure that all children are able to take part in all sessions within school.

7) What does the school offer in terms of providing music tuition? Are there opportunities for piano/violin etc. lessons? And how do we go about this?

Enquire about music lessons in the School Office if you wish your child to take part in extra music tuition. Year 4 currently all receive tuition in clarinet as part of the curriculum. In addition, there are clubs such as guitar and keyboard. The school clubs information can be viewed on the school website within the Parent section.

8) How much help should I give with homework?

The following suggestions will help your child get the best learning outcomes from their homework:

Provide a place in the home where your child learns best.

Provide an encouraging approach to completing homework tasks to the best of their ability.

Talk to them so that you are aware of what they have to do.

Ask them to show you the finished work and ensure that you think the standard is the best that they can do, if it’s not, suggest ways to improve it.

Ensure that where possible they complete it independently. One of the objectives for homework is to help children develop independent learning skills.

Make sure that work is completed by set deadlines

Communicate in home school diary if you have had to help your child a lot to complete the task.

9) What are the routines at break and lunchtimes? What games are the children allowed or not allowed to play and what can they bring in from home to play with?

Children are expected to play outside unless the weather prevents this. They should have suitable coats for chilly or damp days. Pupils learn social skills in their playtime and we provide some play equipment for them to use. We have play leaders and peer mediators to assist children in their play and to support children who have squabbles. The staff on duty observe the children and as well as ensuring safety, also may suggest or lead games.

The general rule is not to bring in play equipment from home. However, there are some things that we allow:


Pocket toys

Small cars

Diabolos when on the field

Skipping ropes


Diabolos when on the field


Finger boards

These should always be clearly labelled with the child’s name and pupils must adhere to rules of use. They are brought in at the child’s risk with regard to loss or damage.

10) What is the school's policy on discipline?

Our policy on discipline is set out in our Behaviour Policy which is located in the About us/Policies section of our website.

11) Why is a detention given and what does this involve?

As part of our behaviour policy, our approach to discipline is consistent and involves positive encouragement, warnings and smaller sanctions first. However, there are some occasions where detention is used to give pupils think it over time where it is deemed appropriate. Also there are occasions where pupils can be sent to detention to complete homework. Detention commences at 1p.m. and lasts for 20 minutes. This allows a ten minute play before the afternoon session begins. Detention is supervised by a teacher.

12) How will I know if an after school club has been cancelled?

We try not to cancel after school clubs unless very necessary; on the occasions when we need to cancel a club on the day, you will receive a ParentMail.

For clubs led by a teacher, if you are unsure whether a club will run due to bad weather, you can enquire by phoning the office after 2 p.m.

Clubs run by an outside provider will go ahead regardless of weather as they will transfer indoors.

13) How do I pay for educational visits and residential visits? Can I pay in instalments?

Parents can pay for visits in cash, cheque or online via ParentMail +Pay in some circumstances – e.g. for residential visits. We would prefer online payments where applicable. Please follow the payment advice that is included in each information letter regarding a school visit. We have savers cards available from the School Office so that parents can pay in advance over a period of time for visits, swimming or any other costs.

14) What times is the school office open?

The School Office is open from 8:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. You can leave a message on the school answer phone or communicate via email (email address is in the About Us section of the school website)

15) Where can I see a full staff list class teachers and TAs?

Staff changes occur from time to time. The Children section of the school website has the details of staff working in each year group.


16) Where can I view the full school uniform list?


The uniform list is detailed below:

White polo shirt

Grey skirt, tunic or divided grey skirt, grey trousers or shorts.

St. Wilfrid’s sweatshirt or cardigan – available from the School Office

White/grey socks or navy blue/grey tights

Navy blue and white dress for summer

Sensible black shoes/ankle boots – no boots above the ankle

Navy blue and white dress for summer

P.E. and Games kit

Clearly named drawstring bag

St. Wilfrid’s T-shirt– available from the School Office

Navy Shorts

Black plimsolls

Navy tracksuit and trainers—KS2 only

Football boots—optional (no metal studs or blades)

Children in Year 4 will require a swimming costume and towel

Please name all items of clothing. Named lost property will be returned promptly but the school cannot be held responsible for unmarked.


17) How do I know how much lunch my child has eaten? Who monitor this? 


Midday meals supervisors monitor children’s eating of both hot meals and packed lunches. If there are concerns the class teacher will be informed, who will in turn, inform you.


18) Who do I speak to first if I have a problem? 


This will depend on your enquiry; if it is a concern about your child, the class teacher would be first contact. They may then refer the enquiry on to a senior teacher or the Headteacher if appropriate. For financial help or complaints it may be appropriate to make an appointment with the Headteacher.


19) What happens if the school is closed for an emergency? (e.g. overnight snow)


In any situation where the school has to be closed or opening times changed the information will be sent via ParentMail and announced on the following local radio stations: Radio Sussex, More Radio. It is best to check these sources if you suspect there is a likelihood of a closure. This information is also put on the Home Page of our school website.