Reverse Advent Calendar 2021

Reverse Advent Calendar
Once again, our community is coming together to collect much needed items for the Haywards Heath Foodbank. 
For the 24 school days leading up to Christmas, our families are bringing in different items to be donated to the foodbank to help those in our community in need.
We are collecting the following items,

Monday 15th November - Advent calendar 
Tuesday 16th November - Mince pies
Wednesday 17th November - Washing up liquid
Thursday 18th November - Tinned potatoes or instant mash
Friday 19th November - Chocolate
Monday 22nd November - Cereal or porridge oats
Tuesday 23rd November - Tinned rice pudding or custard
Wednesday 24th November - Tinned meat
Thursday 25th November - Jam
Friday 26th November - Deodorant
Monday 29th November - Shampoo, shower gel or soap
Tuesday 30th November - Longlife milk
Wednesday 1st December - Hot chocolate
Thursday 2nd December - Squash
Friday 3rd December - Pasta sauces
Monday 6th December - Tinned fruit
Tuesday 7th December - Kitchen cloths, wipes and sprays
Wednesday 8th December - Longlife fruit juice
Thursday 9th December - Box of teabags
Friday 10th December - Biscuits
Monday 13th December - Tinned vegetables
Tuesday 14th December - Toothbrush or toothpaste
Wednesday 15th December - Tinned fish
Thursday 16th December - Instant coffee
To find out more about the work of Haywards Heath Foodbank please visit Haywards Heath Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis