School Club and Wraparound Care Information

We are currently not running any clubs at St Wilfrid's.  When we are able to, a ParentMail will be sent to parents and carers with information on what is available and how to book.
If you require before or after school care, please click on the links below for information on how to book with Tree Tops.
By booking a club for your child you are confirming that you and your child agree to abide by the Club Rights and Responsibilities listed below:
Club Rights and Responsibilities

Children will:
  • behave appropriately so others can enjoy and have fun
  • respect other children, adults and equipment provided
  • help make sure the environment is tidy at the end of the session
  • be responsible for personal possessions
  • listen and respond appropriately to adults.
Parents/Carers will:
  • ensure that their child/children understands their rights and responsibilities
  • give their child a note to be handed to the School Office if they are not able to attend a session
  • pay in advance of the club starting
  • pick up their child at the agreed finishing time
  • ensure their child understands the club membership rules
  • provide their children, where possible, with the appropriate equipment
  • ensure children do not wear any jewellery including earrings for sporting clubs. Earrings must be removed completely – taping ears is not permitted
  • ensure that children with long hair have their hair tied back for sporting clubs.
The Club Leader will:
  • ensure the children are safe and secure
  • communicate with the parents and the school regarding any behavioural issues. A child’s unsatisfactory behaviour may result in their parents being asked to remove them from the club
  • listen and respond to the children
  • provide appropriate resources
  • ensure the children are ready to be picked up at the agreed time
  • give as much notice as possible if the club is cancelled.