Year 6 - IOW 2022

Day 1 - IOW 2022
We have all arrived safe and sound here on the Isle of Wight. It was fantastic to go out on deck on what was a smooth journey with lots of sun. Unfortunately, the sun did not last long when we got off the other side...
As we arrived at Ventnor to discover and explore the coastal defences, the rain began to fall. However, we were undeterred and still learnt about the effects of erosion and how these are being combated using tetrapod's, sea walls and more. We were rewarded at the end of our walk as the sun came out so we could play some games on the beach and make some sculptures.
After arriving at the hotel, checking out our rooms and wolfing down our delicious 3 course dinner, we headed to the beach at Shanklin for more games.
We've had a brilliant first day and can't wait for more fun with water sports tomorrow. We hope you're not missing us too much!
Day 2 - IOW 2022

After settling into our rooms and having a long comfortable sleep, we started the day nice and early by tucking into a delicious breakfast. 


We then travelled across to Bembridge and discovered the delights of trying to put on wetsuits for our water-sports day at Tackt-Isle.


Once we were suited and booted to go, we made our way down to the beach and took part in giant paddle boarding (15 of us on one paddle board!), raft building, kayaking and other fantastic water sports. 


The sun has shone very kindly for us all day long and we look forward to devouring another three-course meal for dinner tonight, followed by hopefully another evening of burying our teachers on the beach!

Day 3 - IOW 2022
We started the day with some fun games on the beach before heading back for another delicious breakfast where we were excited to be joined by Mr Hateley.
The morning then consisted of a fascinating walk around Carisbrook Castle. This allowed us to reflect on our first two project questions this year: 'What does it mean to belong?' and 'What are the ingredients for change?' Whilst walking along the ramparts, we were able to discover how the castle was defended. One of the funnest parts was walking up the keep to explore where the Lord and Lady would have lived and where they would have gone to the toilet!
In the afternoon, our focus shifted to our current project: 'What does it take to make it?' At Shanklin Theatre, we danced, sung, acted and discovered how it runs. We learnt how the lights work before seeing them in action and then got a peek behind the scenes as we took a tour backstage.
In the evening, we were then able to watch those who have already made it as we enjoyed an incredible variety show.
We are looking forward to experiencing the wonders of the Needles tomorrow before exploring the glass blowing studio. In the evening, we are going to have a disco!
Day 4 - IOW 2022

Today we took a trip to Alum Bay. First, we made it to the other side of the Isle of Wight by coach, and then we set off down a very steep hill to get on our boat at the beach. We enjoyed seeing the brilliant cliffs and learning about some of the history about the Needles.


After our boat trip, we climbed our way back up the steep steps and headed to the glass blowing workshop at Alum Bay. It was fantastic seeing and learning about how glass objects are made.


Tonight, we celebrated our final night on the Isle of Wight by having a disco at our hotel and finishing it off with some karaoke!