Year Four

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Looking Back 


Weekly Maths Tasks  

Weekly Reading Tasks  

  • Angles and Shape. Complete one lesson each day. The video for each lesson can be found at:  


  • The activity sheet for each lesson is uploaded as a pdf in the resources below. If you don't want to print off the activity sheet, then just write your answers in your exercise book.  

  • Working on Times Table Rockstars - your child will have an individual login to access this (20 mins on SOUND CHECK). 

  • Play on Hit the Button -  focus on number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables.  

  • -Play  Division  Use your knowledge about times tables to solve the problems in this game. If you find a level too easy, move on to the next level. 

  • On a calendar, write down when different family members birthdays are or when special events are happening in your family. Which month/months has the most/least birthdays/events? You can make a bar chart or pictogram to show how many birthdays there are in your family for each of the months.    

  • Practise counting forwards and backwards from any given number in 7s. 

  • You could listen to the class reader, Varjak Paw. Listen to and discuss a chapter a day.  

  • Comprehension based on Robert Louis Stevensons poem Shadow has been uploaded as a pdf x 2 in the resources below. If you don’t want to print off the activity sheet, then just write your answers in your exercise book. 

  • Listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation. 

  • You could record a book review on flipgrid or you could write a book review. 

  • Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world.  

  • Get your child to read a book on Oxford Owl, discuss what your child enjoyed about the book.   

  • Explore new vocabulary you find when reading. What are the origins of this word? Can it be modified? Can you find any synonyms or antonyms for your new word?  


Weekly Spelling Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day) 

Weekly Writing Tasks  

  • Practise the Year 3/4 for Common Exception words. 

  • Practise your spelling on Spelling Shed 

  • Choose 5 Common Exception words. Write a synonym, antonyms, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.. 


  • Writing Anecdotes. Play the video and PowerPoint which have been uploaded onto Teams and follow the lessons.  



Would you take a leap of faith? 

We have now completed our Leap of Faith project which was the final project of Year 4. This week we are going to reflect on our year together and what we have learnt.  


  • Let’s Reflect: 

Think about what we have investigated this year. Our first big question was ‘Who were the world’s greatest builders?’ Here we looked at iconic buildings from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Maya and modern day buildings. We learnt about aspects of life in the two ancient civilisations and compared their buildings and beliefs. We produced pop-up books to demonstrate our learning.  

Our second big question was ‘Should we stop eating chocolate?’ We discovered how chocolate is made and the effect of cocoa plantations on rainforests and wildlife. We considered how we needed to balance environmental and economic needs and wrote persuasive letters to the Prime Minister. 

Finally, we have been investigating various aspects of taking a leap of faith by looking at faith, Islam, pilgrims and pilgrimages, pioneers of electricity, city developers and authors. We used what we had discovered to decide whether we would or have taken a leap of faith.  


  • Let’s Create:  


This week, you need to use your creative talents to present a review of the year. We will go into more detail when you come into school and give some handy hints to help you achieve this. Look at the time to talk section to help give you some ideas of what you could include. 


  • Time to Talk:  


Talk to your family about the year. What was your favourite project?  What did you enjoy mostWhich activity did you particularly enjoy? Did you enjoy our trip to the theatre? What about the Christmas performance? Was African drumming and performing to your parents a highlight? How much have you learnt this year? What was your greatest success? What was the funniest moment? What advice would you give to the current Year 3 for when they come to Year 4? 


  • Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 


How did our projects help you understand others and appreciate differences? Did everyone have the same opinions? Did everyone think the same about the projects? Did everyone have the same answer to the big questions each term? What have you learned from your own journey in Year 4? Have you become more courageous? Have you developed skills either in school or at home that will be beneficial to your learning next year? How do you think our experiences since March might affect our learning and interactions with each other in September? Do you think everyone has had the same experiences and how will we support each other to overcome our anxieties in September? 


Additional learning resources parents may wish to engage with 

  • Be Active: 


Choose a dance from supermoves. Following this,  choreograph your own dance. You may want to plan the dance first by sketching ideas for your new routine. Perform it to your family. Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week. 

Classroom Secrets Learning Packs These packs are split into different year groups and include activities linked to reading, writing, maths and practical ideas you can do around the home.  

Twinkl - to access these resources click on the link and sign up using your own email address and creating your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.  

Headteacherchat - This is a blog that has links to various learning platforms. Lots of these are free to access.