Year Four

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic holiday.  It is wonderful to see the children return to school happy and full of enthusiasm.  We are writing to share some information about life in year 4.

Our two classes are Otters class with our teacher Mrs McIntyre and Kingfishers class with Mrs Tubb and Mrs Rodemark.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Jones and Mrs Bucke.

Curriculum and key dates

Year 4 begins with excitement and mystery as we unravel and explore the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians.  We investigate the treasures of the River Nile, the rituals and process of mummification and the incredible discovery by Howard Carter of King Tutankhamen’s tomb.  We listen to and read a number of stories with historical links, leading to diary, persuasive, report and story writing.  A trip to Brighton museum on Friday 28 September will bring the topic alive by exploring the different galleries of Egyptian artefacts and taking part in a mummification workshop.  To conclude, the children enjoy taking part in an Egyptian Art Day, where our skills are developed through the designing and making of Canopic Jars and Egyptian necklaces!  We also enjoy tasting some Egyptian treats!  In R.E. we explore ‘People of God’ focusing on the story of Noah and we learn all about the Trinity.  There will also be swimming lessons for Kingfishers on Thursdays while Otters will have a series of drumming lessons on Mondays.  We finish the term by leading our Christmas service at St Wilfrid’s Church for children and parents to enjoy.  

We will be having an Open Classroom on  Wednesday 12 September from 3.20 – 4.15 where you will be able to meet your child’s class teacher and see your child’s new classroom.

Superstar worship takes place on Friday mornings, where one member of each class is chosen to receive a certificate for their work that week.  The work of these children is shared and the rest of the key stage has a chance to hear about their achievements.

Homework and reading at home

Even when your child enjoys reading and reads well on their own, they still need to read aloud all the way through their Key Stage Two years.  Books can be borrowed from the school library – each class will visit once a week – and each year group has a selection of books that your child can borrow and read at home.

Every time you read at home, you (or your child) should fill in the page numbers/chapters read in their home school reading record.  Children will be awarded house points for every occasion on which they read at home.  When children have finished a chapter book, they need to record the title of the book at the back of the reading diary so we have a record of the types of book they are reading.

English homework is set every week on a Thursday and needs to be handed in by the following Wednesday.  This is usually a written task, based on a prompt such as an element of grammar or punctuation.

In addition, children will be set spellings to practise which will be tested on a Wednesday.  These will be a mixture of words from the statutory ‘word lists’ and those with particular spelling patterns.  A copy of the ‘word lists’ will be sent home with your child during the next week.  These words will be tested in the English homework books, so that you can see how your child is progressing.

Maths homework is set on a Thursday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday.  This will either be an activity on the website MyMaths, or a handwritten task based on what has been covered in class that week.  Children will be given their log-on details for MyMaths.


Times tables and related division facts should be practised on an on-going basis, ideally a few minutes daily.  Times tables Rockstar Challenges are held every day.  There will be a statutory test at the end of the year by which time children are expected to know the times tables up to 12 x 12.  These are also in the home school diaries.

All children are expected to complete and hand their homework in on time.  If children are finding it difficult to complete their homework at home, they can choose to attend ‘Learning Links’ (a homework club) for part of their lunchtime where they can receive support with their homework.


PE is usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays for Otters class and Tuesdays and Fridays for Kingfishers.  Please can your child have their PE kit in school every day.  If there is any reason why your child cannot participate in a PE session, please let the class teacher know through the Home/School contact book.  As an alternative or addition to plimsolls, sports trainers are allowed in the Juniors.  These are particularly useful during the winter months as it allows the field to be used for outside PE.  PE is only cancelled in the event of heavy rain, icy or extremely cold conditions.  Therefore a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt (ideally navy) are also useful.  If your child does not have an alternative sweatshirt, they will have the option of wearing their school one. Children with pierced ears must be able to remove their own earrings or cover these with tape.

Water bottles and snacks

Please remember to bring in a named water bottle and a healthy fruit or savoury snack (for example, fresh fruit, a bagel, raisins) for break time.


Please ensure your child has a waterproof coat in school every day.  All clothing, including PE kit, should be labelled with your child’s surname.  Lost property is located in the first aid area.

We are looking forward to a great Autumn term.  If at any point you have a message for your child’s teacher, please write it in their home/school diary as they are checked at the start of each day.


Please do contact us if you have any questions.


Best Wishes




Mrs D McIntyre, Mrs S Rodemark and Mrs F Tubb