Welcome to Reception!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Curriculum and key dates

We have so enjoyed having the children all back together again. As the children were so immersed in our spring question ‘What’s Up There?’ this term we are following the same idea with our big question ‘What’s Down Here?’

The project was launched with ‘a big dig’ around our school environment and the planting of all our seedlings, which we prepared the previous term. (Thank you for your dedication to our beans!) We then progressed to look even deeper into our Earth’s core as many of our children are fascinated by volcanoes. We made our own lava and if you want to know how to make it, ask your child to write you some amazing instructions like they did at school!

This has followed through into exploring the traditional fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip, linking them with the concepts of collaboration and sharing. Next term, as we start to harvest our plants, we will begin to investigate the origins of our favourite foods from around the world and explore the way these other countries live.

Summer is almost here!

Thank you for ensuring your child comes to school with a named water bottle every day. As the weather gets hotter, this becomes even more important. Wellies are still needed at school every day, please ensure these are named. The children spend a great deal of time exploring and learning outside so it is very important that they are prepared to be in the sun every day. Therefore, please ensure you child has a named sunhat with them all the time, sun cream should be applied at home before school in the morning (please note that we cannot put sun cream on your child). Sunglasses are not appropriate for school, please leave these at home.

Please ensure that all summer shoes are closed toed as the children spend lots of time climbing and running.


We will be commencing PE on the first Wednesday after the half term break. We therefore request that your child comes to school each Wednesday in the school PE Kit as listed in the school handbook. It is extremely important that all long hair is tied back every day especially for PE. For PE all earrings must be removed, if this is not possible, please apply tape over their earrings before coming to school as staff are not allowed to do this. Long hair should also be tied back. Your child will remain in their PE kit all day, please do not bring their uniform to change into.

Reading books

We hope that your child is still enjoying bringing home a storybook each Friday. Thank you for ensuring that their book comes back each Wednesday. It is so valuable for a child to read every day at home. This can be reading a page or two, sentences, shopping lists, and recipes, anything that interests your child.

The banded (coloured) reading book that they bring home on a Monday can be read many times, this will build up your child’s confidence and they will begin to recognise themselves as a reader. This is why we give your child one book a week.

Please complete their reading diary each time your child reads so they can earn reading certificates and we can celebrate their accomplishments.

Banded reading books are collected every Friday (along with their diaries) and redistributed on Monday.

Book swap

To continue with our theme of collaboration and sharing, we are planning for the children to host a Book Swap in the last week of this term. The children will be sending home a letter to you asking if they can bring in an age appropriate storybook that they will be happy to swap with another child. We will set up a little shop for the children to buy and sell the books. We ask that each child brings in £1 to buy their new book.

The money will be used to help buy some new wooden small world toys, which the children will have access to in their final term. We will also donate a portion of the money raised to charity to either buy seeds or children’s books for a developing country. We will let the children decide.

  •          Monday May 24th (children to bring in their book to swap)
  •          Thursday May 27th (children bring in £1 to buy their new book)

Home challenge

There will be a new set of home challenges for the Summer Term - activities for your child to choose from and enjoy at home.

We look forward to a sunny summer term! If at any point you have a message for your child’s teacher, please contact us through the year group email: and we will respond as soon as we can.

Many thanks,


The Reception Team