Year Five

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Year 5 – Home Learning Activities 




On going 

Spelling shed 

Reading- focus on different genres 

Handwriting practise – copy an extract from your favourite book concentrating on your letter formation and joining 

Have a family discussion about something topical on the news. 

Cross words/ word searches/ puzzles. 

Watch Newsround/ read the newspaper 



Find a picture/photo and write your own story opening using it as a stimulus (describe the setting in detail) 



Create or find a character from a book/ film/ TV and write a detailed description including, physical features and personality. 



Practise writing dialogue between two characters 

Use the correct punctuation- inverted commas, commas, question marks etc. 

Remember to start a new line when the speaker. 




Up levelling sentences (differentiated). Choose which picture you like the best and work through the up levelling activity for that picture. 


Write a descriptive poem about a river- use metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, alliteration etc Remember not all poems have to rhyme. 





Read a chapter and write a summary of the key points of the chapter. 



Read 2 chapters of a book and predict what will happen next in detail. 






On going 

Timetables practise – Timetables rock stars 

Check division facts too. 

My maths activities 







Project ideas– Present your work in a creative way. 

  • How and why do Christians celebrate Easter?  

  • Who were the Ancient Greeks and what did they leave behind?  

  • Create a game – Create your own game. It could be a board game, card game, active game or something else you could think of. Make it attractive and exciting. Write your own rules so everyone knows how to play the game. You could even design the packaging.  

  • P.E- practise some ball skills, individual or with a partner. Can you learn/ teach a family member a new ball skill?  

  • P.E-Aerobic exercise/ make up a dance/ series of exercise to a favourite piece of music- get your heart beating! 

  • Art- sketch an interesting object in your house/ view/ family member. 


Another useful and free resource- covering a range of activities.