Our Curriculum

At St Wilfrid's we want all children to 'Shine as a light in the world'.

They need to grow educationally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the St Wilfrid’s curriculum strives to help our children do this successfully. 

Our project-based learning approach, built on the vision and values of the school, allows our children to 'discover', 'explore' and 'create' using the learning set out in the National Curriculum alongside developing the core skills required to succeed in our ever changing world.

We want our children to DISCOVER their our own voice and how they can communicate different ideas across the curriculum and beyond. We want our curriculum to open a window into God's world, locally, nationally and globally. We want to understand the power of listening and respecting the views of others.

We want our children to actively EXPLORE a range of challenges, showing motivation and perseverance. We want the learning experience at St Wilfrid's to hold a mirror up to our learning, helping us to evaluate what we and others have produced. We want to recognise how much more we achieve when we work as a team and also to value our own independence.

We want our children to CREATE a range of outcomes across the curriculum, demonstrating their learning in different and exciting ways. We want our curriculum to allow our creative thinking to open doors to new experiences, learning and to deepen our understanding of ourselves, others and the world.

Our Projects 2023-2024
The National Curriculum
Please see information below regarding our curriculum.  If you would like any further information or have a question, please email the school office.
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