Local Schools

We have established links with the local town schools ‘Schools All Learning Together’ (SALT) and with the Haywards Heath network of primary and secondary schools: the Community Interest Company (CIC) which includes the Network of Eastern Area Rural Schools (NEARS), Warden Park Academy and Oathall. Learning Mentors and Transition Mentors are established throughout the locality.

We have developed our relationships with other local establishments: our feeder playgroups/nurseries and secondary schools. The EYFS staff visit many feeder playgroups/nurseries during the Summer Term to see the new Reception children. Staff from various secondary schools visit us in June and July to see the children due to start in Year 7. The Transition Mentors from Oathall and Warden Park start working with our Y6 pupils in the Spring term – this started as a locality project. We also work with the secondary and primary schools to initiate courses for Gifted and Talented pupils throughout the Haywards Heath area.

Within our group of SALT schools we organise inter-school competitions which each primary school takes a turn to run. This ranges from book battles, poetry performance, 'Countdown', public speaking and team work in 'The Dragons Den' designing and presenting a new invention, as well as various maths challenges.

So far this academic year; we have already been involved in a range of sporting activities involving local schools. We have hosted football fixtures against Harlands, Bolnore Village and Lindfield as well as attending tournaments involving all local schools at both Harlands and Lindfield. To compete against other local schools, we have also attended an athletics event at Oathall and visited Warden Park to take part in cross country and handball. In netball, we have hosted a fixture against St. Joseph’s and travelled to Holy Trinity. This term will give us many more exciting opportunities to compete against other local schools in a variety of sports.

January 2017