Our Vision

Our School Vision

As a school community, we aspire to develop life-long learners who have confidence to explore the world around them and to grow into independent individuals. We provide a safe family environment, inspired by Christian values, in which the flourishing of each individual enables the flourishing of all.

Shine as a light in the world' Matthew 5:16

Below is our school vision which is intertwined with our core values and illustrates our aim to provide a happy, safe, nurturing and supportive environment underpinned by our core Christian values.

All members of our school community are valued and respected, enabling everyone to have a positive attitude about themselves and others so that we can flourish together and be our best.

The following is a distilled children's version of our vision and values that is used in school.
We believe that by developing our pupils' understanding of their world and the world around them they will be equipped with skills for life-long learning, aware of our school values which help them to be aware of their rights and have the courage to stand up for them and the rights of others.