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Welcome to Reception!

We hope you have all had a lovely break over Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year. We are so grateful for all your support in our first term and we look forward to another successful term of working together. This term, our project big question will be ‘What’s Up There?’ With weekly mini questions. We have begun with ‘How do you feel?’ talking about emotions and feelings.


What’s Up There?’ is our opportunity to engage the children in thinking about the world around us and beyond. We’ll begin by thinking about what is above us and will encourage the children to share their ideas which may lead to answering questions about the weather and heaven. Throughout the term we will be using fictions books such as ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Peace at Last’ and non-fiction texts to respond to our question and will be threading this theme through all the 7 areas of learning that are part of our Early Years curriculum. We will continue to build on and embed the skills the children have been learning in phonics and maths and the children’s social and emotional development. This project will also allow us to continue building on their communication and language skills. We also hope that the children’s engagement will be reflected at home and you can support your child in sharing ideas and knowledge with them. We will be encouraging the children to ask their own questions whilst also answering questions posed to them.

We learn everywhere

At St Wilfrids we have a spacious outside learning environment as well as our indoor learning environment. The children will have access to both environments in all weathers. Please ensure your child has named wellingtons, waterproof coat and trousers at school at all times.

What is your child doing at school?

The Early Years team use an observation tool called Evidence ME. The app enables us to record those Wow moments in your child’s learning. The app also allows us to send you those special moments to celebrate with your child at home. Equally adults at home are able to share with us those wow moments at home.

Reading and Phonics

Your child will be given a book bag. Each Friday (Tadpoles) Thursday (Newts) Your child will choose a story book to bring home and share with you. The books will be swapped each week on a Friday (Tadpoles) Thursday (Newts).

 We will begin RWI phonics as soon as all the children are in school fulltime. Once the children are familiar with a range of sounds they will bring home a reading book to practise the sounds they have learnt at school so far. The books will be changed each Tuesday. Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school each day with their books in it. Once your child is given their first reading book, they will also be given a reading diary for you to record each time you read with them. Your child will receive a certificate for practising their reading at home.

Power Maths

In early years we use Power Maths. Power Maths enables children to explore number, calculation, shape and space and measure in a investigative way along side our child centred approach to all learning.

Home Challenges

At the end of each term the children will receive a list of home challenges, activities that we suggest they do at home. Each challenge will underpin the learning that thye have experienced that term at school. The children can choose which ones they do across the following term.


Within the Early Years Curriculum, we plan and provide opportunities for the  children to develop their gross and fine motor skills as part of our continuous provision. After Christmas discrete PE sessions will be planned within the week. On the day your child is having PE they will wear their PE kit into school. You will be given notice and guidance in the weekly newsletter when this will commence.

Water bottles and Snacks

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle every day, containing water. Children will be provided with a fruit snack, if they would like to bring in an additional healthy snack for break time they can (e.g. fresh fruit, dry crackers or breadsticks, a bagel, raisins). Please ensure any snacks are both nut and egg free.

We are really looking forward to the coming term and hope the children’s enthusiasm and engagement will shine through at home. As always, our door is always open and we are happy to answer any questions or discuss concerns. Please do contact us on the Early Years email: if you have any questions.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Johnson and Mrs Hill