2 October


October 2020

2nd October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Unfortunately, the weather has got the better of us and we are having to change our arrangements for drop off and pick up sooner than we would have liked due to the state of the school field. I do apologise for the short notice as we originally planned to make the changes for the following week. However, the new arrangements still have the safety and wellbeing of our community at the forefront of them along with maximising the learning time for all children. Therefore, from Monday 5th October the following arrangements will begin.

Due to the success of the arrangements in the morning we feel able to shorten the timings because people are arriving and leaving safely and we are not witnessing large groups gathering. Leaving from the playgrounds at the end of the day presents us with some operational challenges and these are reflected in the new arrangements and slight adjustments to timings.

What will drop off be like?

In the mornings, the timings are as follows,

8.35am – Year 1 and Year 4

8.45am – Year 2 and Year 5

8.55am – ReceptionYear 3 and Year 6

Children will enter through the same doors they have been currently.

What will pick up be like now?

At the end of the day,

3pm – Reception and Year 4

3.10pm – Year 1 and Year 5

3.20pm – Year 2 and Year 3

3.30pm – Year 6

The Junior (Years 3 to 6) classes will exit from either the ‘boys’ entrance or the ‘girls’ entrance onto the Junior playground and signs will be up in the windows to indicate which doors they will come out from. This will allow you to stand on the correct half of the playground. Mr Hateley and Ms Strange will be on the playgrounds to support you in finding the right place to wait.

The Infant playground will be split into sections to allow people to stand in the area for the correct class. These will also be signposted in the relevant windows.

For both playgrounds we are asking for the rear of the playgrounds to be non-waiting areas to allow people to access the site quickly and safely. Please do not arrive on site until your allocated pick up times to avoid having too many people on site at any one time.

As with the morning drop off, we will continue to operate a one way system, entering through the main gate and exiting through the infant gate. Please exit the site as soon as you have your child to avoid having too many people on site at any one time. 

Also, we continue to ask you to drop off and pick up at the later times if you have more than one child arriving and leaving at different times. 

Obviously, these changes will take some getting used to and we continue to be grateful for your patience and support in these matters.

Finally, due to the slightly smaller space we are asking people to be mindful of each other when waiting as we all endeavour to keep each other safe.

Kind regards,

Mr Hateley