Statutory Information About Governors

Statutory Information About Governors 

In the interests of transparency, we are required to publish certain information about the governing body. 

Details of the structure and responsibilities of the governing body and its committees; including the full names of the Chair of the governing body and Chair of each committee can be found on the ‘Our role’ and ‘Meet our governors’ pages. 

Information about each governor and their attendance record at governing body and committee meetings over the last academic year are below: 

* Governors Attendance at Meetings Academic Year 2020 -2021

This information is published in a spirit of openness and transparency but please note that attendance at meetings does not necessarily show the full contribution of each governor.  Not all governors are members of all committees so the number of meetings they are expected to attend will vary.  However, all governors are welcome to attend any committee meeting.  Various governors are also members of sub committees and working parties and will attend additional meetings not recorded here.  There also many other occasions where governors contribute to the school including governor monitoring visits; school events; external training; visits and trips. 

Governors who are unable to attend a Full Governing Body or Committee meeting are asked to forward their apologies which are then considered by the meeting; these are recorded within the minutes of the meeting. 

Information about relevant business and financial interests: